CRC 1173

Workflow »CRC/PDE seminar«

General notes

The CRC has a joint seminar on Thursday 2pm. There will be either a CRC seminar talk (30 to 35 minutes) or a PDE seminar talk (up to 45 minutes) plus discussion, which should not exceed 15 minutes.

Here is some information on the format (PDF file) which is sent to the speakers by the administration team in due time before the talk.

If you want to invite a guest speaker, please inform the current organizer Lucrezia Cossetti.

A fee for a talk is possible (except for PhD students). The fee per talk is 100 Euros. Please state if it is desired.


  • As soon as the university calendar gets published the organizer checks, if a reservation of an appropriate seminar room (normally 1.067) has been made for the weekly PDE/CRC seminar (normally on Thursday 2pm).
  • During semester breaks the organizer sends an email to all Principal Investigators asking for proposals concerning speakers and possible dates. Projects resp. PIs who have not talked for a long time have a higher priority. They might be asked personally by the organizer or the board members.
  • All members of the CRC can make suggestions of guest speakers in the CRC and/or PDE seminar at anytime. Suggestions should be addressed to the organizer and will be forwarded to the board. The board discusses the suggestions and takes a decision on the invitations for the following term. The organizer will be informed.
  • After approval from the board: the person who suggested (in the following stated as host) the guest speaker will be informed by the organizer and invites the guest speaker. The invitation should mention the following
    • the canonical appointed date and time (Thursday at 2pm),
    • a list of possible dates,
    • the topic should be in the scope of numerical analysis or analysis of PDEs,
    • the audience consists of people from numerical analysis and analysis (i.e. specialists and non-specialists).
  • After a response of the guest speaker
    • the host informs the organizer and Christian Knieling about acceptance / refusal and in case of acceptance about the date,
    • the host asks for title and abstract. This information should be available about two weeks before the talk and send to Christian Knieling,
    • the host handles all communication with the guest speaker. The workflow Guest (short stay) should be considered.
  • If a seminar date is fixed the organizer informs Christian Knieling about the details.
  • The organization of the seminar dates is handled in the seminar trac.


  • Christian Knieling announces (about one week before) and reminds (on same day) of the talk.
  • Christian Knieling sends one week before the talk information about duration of talk etc. again.