Internal area

This is the entry page to different internal areas.

There are two internal areas. Both requiring authentication to access their local stored information. You have to use your KIT account ("ab1234") with the appropriate password as your login credentials. Attention: The KIT email address as the username does not work. If you don't know your KIT account you can login into the SCC Self-Service-Portal with your KIT email address.

We have to distinguish between participant and member.


A participant can be any individual person which is somehow affiliated to the CRC. The stored information in this area is mostly confidential, so they shouldn't be publicly available. Members do have also access to the participants area.

Authenticate and get into participants area.


A member however has to satisfy certain criteria. These criteria are settled in the bylaws of the CRC; at least a doctoral degree is required. Someone fulfilling these criteria can only request to become a member and the general assembly decides about this request. There are rights and duties that come with a membership. Participants don't have access to the members area.

Authenticate and get into members area.