Understanding Wave Phenomena

Waves are everywhere, and understanding their behavior leads us to understand nature. The goal of CRC 1173 »Wave Phenomena« is therefore to analytically understand, numerically simulate, and eventually manipulate wave propagation under realistic scenarios by intertwining analysis and numerics.

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Portrait of Bastian HilderUniv. Stuttgart
Bastian Hilder

This week's guest ist Bastian Hilder from the Lund University, Sweden. He will give a talk in our CRC seminar about Invading fronts in pattern-forming systems admitting a conservation law structure.

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Portrait of Nick TrefethenPhoto by Sarah Bird
Nick Trefethen

We are happy to welcome Nick Trefethen on Thursday in Karlsruhe. He will give two presentations; one will be an introduction to Chebfun and the other one about Applications of AAA Rational Approximation.

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Team retreatKIT
Retreat of the team

The team will meet next Friday to make strategic plans. There are also preparations and arrangements to be made for the on-site review in March.

Submission of the continuation proposal to the DFGKIT
Submission of the proposal

On Tuesday, January 17th, we submitted the continuation proposal in person to the DFG in Bonn. We are relieved to have achieved this important interim goal.

The Mathematical Research Institute OberwolfachMFO
Scientific Advisory Board

Marlis Hochbruck is appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach for four years starting January 1st, 2023. Congratulations!

MFO website
Zillinger and de Rijk are KIT Associate FellowsKIT
KIT Associate Fellows

Björn de Rijk and Christian Zillinger have reached the status "KIT Associate Fellows". This implies that they can be examiners in the doctoral procedure of their own doctoral candidates. Congratulations, again!

Details of KIT Associate Fellows
Image of the preprint cover to this publicationKIT
Inventiones paper: Cwikel's bound reloaded

Congratulations to Dirk Hundertmark, Peer Kunstmann, Tobias Ried, and Semjon Vugalter for publishing their paper Cwikel's bound reloaded in Inventiones mathematicae.

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Diversity film project

Finally, today we have published the video of our diversity project. You can share it now with friends and family. Have fun watching.

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