Understanding Wave Phenomena

Waves are everywhere, and understanding their behavior leads us to understand nature. The goal of CRC 1173 »Wave Phenomena« is therefore to analytically understand, numerically simulate, and eventually manipulate wave propagation under realistic scenarios by intertwining analysis and numerics.

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Start of winter term lectures

It is Monday and today the lectures of this year's winter term start. Most of them take place in presence. Welcome back all together.

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IllustrationMarlis Hochbruck
Time Integration of PDEs

Three minibuses with 21 participants drove today to the Marburger Haus in Hirschegg, Austria, where this year's annual workshop Time Integration of PDEs takes place.

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Group shot of on-site and online participantsKIT
Summer school 2021

The summer school went quite well. We have taken a group shot of the on-site participants as well as of some of the online participants. The above image represents the hybrid format.

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Lernbrücken in BadenTVKIT
Lernbrücken in BadenTV

On Monday September 6th Marlis and Wolfgang represented our support of the Lernbrücken during the broadcast of Baden TV Aktuell - Monday a local TV station. Shortly after minute 6 their part begins and lasts for almost 5 minutes.

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Stefan Schrammer supports the project LernbrückenKIT
Interview on Lernbrücken

SWR Aktuell BW conducted an interview with Stefan Schrammer; he is one of our doctoral researchers. He supports the Lernbrücken with his commitment as a substitute teacher.

Interview on Lernbrücken in SWR
Photo taken in a high schoolKIT
Social project Lernbrücken

For the next two weeks our CRC goes to school. In five secondary schools in Karlsruhe we help children understanding math and solving math problems. We aim to close the learning gaps which appeared due to interrupted teaching during the Corona lockdown. 40 CRC members volunteer as substitute teachers in this project.

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Collage of DFG logo and Marlis HochbruckKIT / Photo taken from www.DFG.de
Term of office has ended

Since 2014 Marlis Hochbruck was Vice President of the DFG. Her term of office in the Executive Committee ended this July. There will be more time for Mathematics now.

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Image of the poster to our conference in 2022KIT
International conference 2022

You can register now to our international conference in February 2022. We plan it to be an on-site event. For further information follow the link below.

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