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Waves not only for researchers
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Wave Phenomena are all around us. Their math is beautiful, fascinating and most relevant. We at the CRC »Wave Phenomena« therefore convey our fascination for waves to a broader audience through events and social media activities.

Diversity project Lernbrücken in 2021 Our Blog

diversity project

We have made a film about diversity within our CRC. But, just watch the video.

Bridge the Gap

Corona had quite some impact on pupils. We initiated contact with some high schools in Karlsruhe and supported the Lernbrücken project.

sign of direction to the blog

We have some articles about conferences, mathematics, ... take a look into our blog.

Girl's Day 2018 What do you need »Boundary Conditions« for? Training to translate science: Communication workshop with NaWik

Girl's Day - Wir machen mit (Logo)

Members of the CRC offered interesting workshops to female pupils to inspire them to go for a future in maths. The two topics were traffic and music recognition. (Links are not longer available.)

image of a numerical simulation

As part of the »Cooking Math« project, David Hipp of the CRC Wave Phenomena and Oliver Jelko of University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe developed a video explaining what boundary conditions are for in describing waves mathematically. (German language)

written text communication science online

To prepare CRC members to communicate their research to a wider audience, we held a training workshop with the colleagues from the National Institute for Science Communication. (Website in German)

Cooking Math    

image of the cooking math broschure

The »Cooking Math« project was a common effort of the CRC Wave Phenomena and the Science Vision and the Graphic Design Department at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe. Design students and mathematicians transformed mathematical aspects from CRC projects into art through different media. (Website in German)