CRC seminar

The talks in which the name of the speaker is shaded bluish took place as part of the Karlsruhe PDE Seminar series.


09.02. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Herr Global wellposedness of the Zakharov System below the ground state 
02.02. Dr. Bastian Hilder Invading fronts in pattern-forming systems admitting a conservation law structure 
26.01. Prof. Dr. Nick Trefethen Applications of AAA Rational Approximation 


15.09. Prof. Dr. María López Fernández Global in time inversion of Laplace transforms associated to evolution problems 
25.08. Dr. Paul Carter Vegetation spots, gaps, and fronts in a dryland ecosystem model 
25.08. Dr. Montie Avery Universal dynamics of invasion fronts 
14.07. Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Barbaroux Periodic Dirac operators for graphene antidot lattices 
30.06. Benjamin Seibold Spatial manifestations of order reduction, and remedies via weak stage order 
28.04. Prof. Dr. Christopher Poulton Numerical modelling of interactions between sound and light on the nanoscale 
10.03. Dr. Fatima Goffi Effective characterization of metamaterials - Application to slab waveguides 
03.02. Asst. Prof. Luca Dede Multiphysics and multiscale models for the cardiac function: towards the numerical simulation of the whole heart 
27.01. Prof. Dr. Carsten Rockstuhl Constitutive relations to equip Maxwell’s equations 
20.01. Prof. Dr. Dmitry Pelinovsky Domain walls in harmonic potentials 


09.12. Dr. Robert Schippa Resolvent estimates for time-harmonic Maxwell equations 
25.11. Dr. Dag Nilsson Existence of Davey–Stewartson type solitary waves for the fully dispersive Kadomtsev–Petviashvilii equation 
11.11. Selina Burkhard Gaussian wave packets for the magnetic Schrödinger equation 
16.07. Dr. Chupeng Ma A Crank–Nicolson finite element method and the optimal error estimates for the Maxwell–Schrödinger equations in the Coulomb gauge 
29.04. Prof. Dr. Gianluca Crippa On the local limit for nonlocal conservation laws 
15.04. Dr. Pratik Khumbar High-order time integration methods for Maxwell equations on locally refined grids 
08.04. Dr. Diogo Oliveira e Silva Global maximizers for spherical restriction 
18.02. Dr. Fatima Goffi Effective characterization of metamaterials: Application to waveguides 
18.02. Dr. Jonas Köhler Error and stability estimates in strong energy norms for second order time-integration schemes 
11.02. Dr. Ruming Zhang Numerical methods for wave propagation in periodic layers 
11.02. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian J. Cyron Machine Learning & Computational Mechanics: the natural next step 
04.02. Dr. Yudi Pan Random objective waveform inversion of surface waves 
04.02. Dr. Lingli Gao Multiparameter viscoelastic full-waveform inversion for shallow seismic surface waves with a preconditioned Truncated-Newton method 
28.01. Dr. Huanfa Peng Synchronization of RF signal and Kerr soliton comb repetition-rate via injection locking 
28.01. Dr. Bernhard Maier (Localized) orthogonal decomposition for nonautonomous wave equations with multiple scales 
21.01. Dr. Lukas Pieronek Towards a convergence analysis for FWI in $L^{\infty}$ 
21.01. Dr. Gabriele Brüll Traveling waves for a quasilinear wave equation 
14.01. Céline Torres Discrete stability of Helmholtz problems 
14.01. Dr. Ivan Fernandez–Corbaton The total helicity of electromagnetic fields and matter 
07.01. Dr. Jonas Kusch Dynamical low-rank approximation for hyperbolic equations with uncertainty 
07.01. Dr. Robert Schippa Strichartz estimates for quasilinear Maxwell's equations in 2D 


10.12. Dr. Marco Olivieri Compactness of paths of isomerization for pseudorelativistic molecules 
10.12. Prof. Dr. Guido Schneider Interchanging space and time in nonlinear optics modelling and dispersion management models 
19.11. Dr. Lucrezia Cossetti A limiting absorption principle for time-harmonic isotropic Maxwell’s equations 
01.10. Gianluca Ceruti Time integration of Tree Tensor Networks 
01.10. Elias Gasmi Time-periodic states in a ring resonator with two pumped modes 
01.10. Jonathan Fröhlich Coupling nonlinear finite elasticty with cardiac physiology 
17.09. Tobias Schmid On the Cauchy problem for biharmonic wave equations 
17.09. Tobias Kielwein Asymptotic stability on a discrete necklace graph 
10.09. Andrea Scaglioni Convergence of adaptive stochastic collocation with finite elements 
10.09. Mariia Molochkova Asymptotically small waveguides 
10.09. Daniele Corallo Current results and future goals for spacetime-DG 
10.09. Niklas Baumgarten Multilevel Monte Carlo applications 
13.08. Laura Lindner The monodomain equation for the cardiac depolarisation wave and its efficient numerical approximation 
16.07. Prof. Dr. Dorothee Frey Wave equations with low regularity coefficients 
02.07. Dr. Vanja Nikolić Analysis of finite-element based discretizations in nonlinear acoustics 
25.06. Annalena Albicker Monotonicity in inverse obstacle scattering 
25.06. Prof. Dr. Filippo Gazzola Torsional instability in suspension bridges: a new mathematical explanation of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse 
04.06. Marvin Knöller Maximizing electromagnetic chirality using an asymptotic perturbation formula 
04.06. Pascal Kraft A hierarchical sweeping preconditioner for 3D scattering problems 
04.06. Philip Freese Numerical homogenization of linear Maxwell systems 
28.05. Dr. Jonas Kusch Ray effect mitigation for radiative transport 
28.05. Julian Baumstark High-frequency wave propagation 
14.05. Constantin Carle Leapfrog Chebyshev methods 
14.05. Jan Leibold Numerical analysis of wave equations with dynamic boundary conditions and nonlinear force and damping 
07.05. Simon Kohler New breather examples in semilinear wave equations 
30.04. Stefan Schrammer A rank-adaptive dynamical low-rank integrator for wave-type problems 
30.04. Konstantin Zerulla Error analysis for the time integration of Maxwell equations in heterogeneous media 
23.04. Benjamin Dörich On averaged exponential integrators for semilinear wave equations with solutions of low-regularity 
23.04. Jan Bohn A convergent finite element boundary element scheme for Maxwell–Landau–Lifshitz-Gilbert equations 
12.03. Prof. Dr. Robert Scheichl Multilevel uncertainty quantification with sample-adaptive model hierarchies 
05.03. Dr. David Cohen Time integration of randomly perturbed Schrödinger-type equations 
27.02. Dr. Birgit Schörkhuber Threshold for blowup in supercritical wave equations 
30.01. Prof. Dr. Roland Schnaubelt Global Strichartz estimates for an inhomogeneous Maxwell system 
09.01. Dr. Fatima Goffi Towards more general constitutive relations for homogenizing metamaterials 


19.12. Christian Offen Bifurcations of solutions to variational differential equations 
12.12. Dr. Ari Stern Constraint-preserving numerical methods for Maxwell's equations 
05.12. Dr. Ioannis Anapolitanos Long range behavior of the van der Waals forces between a molecule and a metallic plate 
21.11. Prof. Dr. Manuel Torrilhon Hierarchical modeling: Non-equilibrium gases and shallow flows 
31.10. Prof. Dr. Axel Voigt Toward nonlinear elasticity on mesoscopic length scales 
11.07. Dr. Julien Royer Local energy decay for the periodic damped wave equation 
06.06. Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Mishra Uncertainty quantification for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws 
23.05. Prof. Dr. Eskil Hansen Domain decomposition and nonlinear parabolic equations - a time integrator approach 
09.05. Prof. Dr. Patrick Dondl Optimization of additively manufactured polymer scaffolds for bone tissue engineering 
14.02. Prof. Dr. Snorre Harald Christiansen Finite element complexes for the Stokes equation 


15.11. PD Dr. Peer Kunstmann Knocking out teeth in one dimensional periodic NLS: conserved quantities and global existence 
15.11. Dr. Nikolaos Pattakos Knocking out teeth in one dimensional periodic NLS: local wellposedness in low regularity 
8.11. Prof. Dr. Roland Schnaubelt Exponential decay for quasilinear Maxwell equations with conductivity
8.11. Dr. Martin Spitz Local wellposedness of quasilinear Maxwell equations with conservative interface conditions
25.10. Dr. Hatem Zaag Blow-up for the complex Ginzburg–Landau in some critical case 
18.10. Prof. Dr. Martin J. Gander Five decades of time parallel time integration: best current methods for parabolic and hyperbolic problems 
24.05. Philip Freese Numerical homogenization of the Maxwell–Debye system: Semidiscrete error analysis 
26.04. Dr. Irfan Glogić Generic self-similar blowup for wave maps into negatively curved targets 
19.04. Prof. Dr. Marlis Hochbruck On the stability of leap-frog type methods 
18.01. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reichel Real-valued time-periodic localized standing waves for a class of semilinear wave equations 
11.01. Prof. Dr. Claus-Dieter Munz Direct aeroacoustic noise simulations by a high order discontinuous Galerkin method 


21.12. Prof. Dr. Guido Schneider Extension of the approximation time beyond the natural time scale
14.12. Prof. Dr. Tobias Jahnke Numerical methods for dispersion-managed nonlinear Schrödinger equations 
07.12. Prof. Dr. Shi Jin Semiclassical computational methods for quantum dynamics with band-crossing and uncertainty 
23.11. Dr. Xiaofei Alex Zhao Multiscale methods for the nonlinear Klein–Gordon equation in the non-relativistic limit regime 
26.10. Dr. Rafael López Soriano Existence and compactness for a singular mean field problem 
19.10. PD Dr. Andrii Khrabustovskyi Crushed ice problem revisited 
04.08. Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler &
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schneider
Phase-field modeling of multi-grain and multi-component microstructures and interaction with mechanical forces on mesoscopic length scale 
27.07. Dr. Ivan Fernandez–Corbaton Light-matter interaction in evanescent fields 
27.07. Dr. Rainer Mandel Limiting absorption principles for nonlinear Helmholtz equations in periodic media 
20.07. Dr. Christian Stohrer FE heterogeneous multiscale methods for Maxwell's equations in time domain 
20.07. Dr. Michaela Mehlin Multi-level local time-stepping methods of Runge–Kutta type for wave equations 
13.07. Andreas Geyer–Schulz On wellposedness of Maxwell–Schrödinger systems
13.07. Carlos Hauser Entire solutions of nonlinear finite difference equations
29.06. Prof. Dr. Piero D'Ancona On the nonlinear Dirac equation with an electromagnetic potential 
22.06. Dr. Claire Scheid A structure preserving numerical discretization framework for the Maxwell Klein Gordon equation in 2D 
08.06. Dr. Balázs Kovács Stable and convergent interior-exterior coupling of wave-type equations II: convolution quadratures
08.06. Dr. Sarah Eberle Stable and convergent interior-exterior coupling of wave-type equations I: elastodynamics
01.06. Dr. Francesco Fanelli Loss of regularity in hyperbolic Cauchy problems 
04.05. Dr. Nikolaos Pattakos On existence of global solutions of the one-dimensional cubic NLS for initial data in the modulation space $M_{p,q}$ 
20.04. Dr. Eric Soccorsi On time-fractional diffusion equations of variable space-dependent order 
09.02. Prof. Dr. Mechthild Thalhammer Time integration methods for non-autonomous evolution equations 
09.02. Dr. Jaroslaw Mederski Nonlinear time-harmonic Maxwell equations in a bounded domain 
02.02. Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger Model reduction for multiscale Lithium-Ion battery simulation 
26.01. Prof. Dr. Michael Röckner Pathwise uniqueness for stochastic differential equations on Hilbert spaces 
19.01. Prof. Dr. Fioralba Cakoni Eigenvalue problems in inverse scattering theory for inhomogeneous media 
12.01. Prof. Dr. Guido Schneider Singular limits of the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov system and generalizations 


22.12. Prof. Dr. Andreas Rieder Project C1: state of the art
01.12. Johannes Ernesti Weakly conforming least-squares for first-order systems in space-time 
03.11. Andreas Sturm Locally implicit time integration for Maxwell's equations
21.07. Dr. Michael Pokojovy Global existence and exponential stability for a nonlinear thermoelastic Kirchhoff–Love plate 
14.07. Julian Ott Halfspace matching for 2D open waveguides
14.07. Jonas Köhler ADI splitting and the discontinuous Galerkin method
07.07. Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw Brzezniak Finite element methods for the stochastic Landau–Lifschitz–Gilbert equation 
30.06. Prof. Dr. Dario Bambusi Dynamics of a soliton in an external potential 
02.06. Prof. Dr. Todd Quinto A paradigm to classify added artifacts in limited data tomography 
28.04. Prof. Dr. Michel Mehrenberger The semi-Lagrangian method using oblic interpolation 
21.04. Dr. Ivan Fernandez–Corbaton How electromagnetic chiral is a chiral object? 
08.02. Prof. Dr. Martin Hanke–Bourgeois Small volume asymptotics for elliptic equations and their use in impedance tomography 
01.02. Prof. Dr. Michael Loss Optimal functional inequalities and flows 
25.01. Prof. Dr. Frédéric Rousset Quasineutral limit for Vlasov–Poisson systems 
18.01. Prof. Dr. Herbert Egger Variational methods for radiative transfer 
11.01. Dr. Martin Neumüller Fourier analysis for a parallel space-time solver 


07.12. Prof. Dr. Dirk Hundertmark The solution of the Gevrey smoothing conjecture for the homogeneous Boltzmann equation 
26.10. Dr. Nikolaos Pattakos Space time estimates and the Bellman function technique
19.10. Dr. Ludwig Gauckler Error analysis of trigonometric integrators for semilinear wave equations 
19.10. Prof. Dr. Denis Bonheure The nonlinear theory of electromagnetism of Born–Infeld