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Equal opportunity

Elsevier Publishing Campus Webinar »Gender Bias in Academic Publishing«

We want to point you to the scheduled webinar of Elsevier Publishing Campus with the title Gender Bias in Academic Publishing on Thursday 11 May, 2017 at 15:00 CEST of about 45 minutes.
Unconscious bias occurs when we make quick judgments and assessments, and happens without us realizing. Research has shown that it can affect decisions such as who to hire for a job, and even how a peer reviewer rates a manuscript. In many scientific fields, women are underrepresented, especially at senior levels. For women in the academic research, the impacts of unconscious bias can negatively influence career progression. In order for more women to prosper in research careers, there needs to be improved awareness of the biases that can affect them along the way.
As a reviewer or aspiring reviewer, you’ll learn exactly what unconscious bias is, how to check for it, and how to avoid it. You’ll come away with clear evidence of the influence of unconscious bias in peer review, and hear about some of the recent efforts by publishers to reduce it, making the publishing process fairer and more equitable for all. This webinar is indispensable for anyone working in the STM fields.


»Women in PDEs @ Karlsruhe« on April 27-28, 2017

The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform to bring together students of mathematics, young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) and established female mathematicians from academia and industry working on partial differential equations (PDEs). Outstanding invited speakers will give talks on their current research topics. A panel discussion will give the possibility to discuss questions not only concerning research but also career choices/planning and practical questions of managing career and family interests.
For further information please browse to http://womeninpdes.waves.kit.edu.


X-Ment – Mentoring program of KIT

Until January 31, 2017 you can apply to X-Ment 2017/2018. Please browse to their website for further information; that is, unfortunately, available only in German language.


A data-backed study of gender differences in mathematics publication patterns

See the slides of a beautiful talk given by Helena Mihaljevic-Brandt at the EWM special event in Berlin


Women of Mathematics throughout Europe: a gallery of portraits

Take a look at the newly opened website http://womeninmath.net/ of the exhibition project Women of Mathematics throughout Europe: a gallery of portraits. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Wednesday July 20th at the Mathematics Library of the Technical University of Berlin.

Feel free to contact any of the organizers at the e-mail address info∂womeninmath.net, if you have any questions about the exhibit, or about organizing a showing.


Information day in Tübingen

The mathematical graduate school »Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems« in Tübingen organizes an information day on doing a PhD in Mathematical Physics for female students on January 15th, 2016. Travel costs from within Germany can be reimbursed. Please forward to anyone who might be interested. My colleagues are looking forward to many applications!For more information please see the web page



Meeting »Konstanz — Women in Mathematics 2015«

We would like to bring your attention to the meeting »Konstanz — Women in Mathematics 2015« which will take place at University of Konstanz on 19th June 2015. This meeting is organized under the project information and discussion platform »Women in Mathematics: Ways in Study and Career« which is sponsored by the Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Konstanz. For more information please see the web page


The aim of this meeting is to bring together mathematicians from different research areas for a short and informal scientific exchange, and to enhance communication between female mathematicians. If you are interested to participate, please register by sending an email to charu.goel∂uni-konstanz.de.