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Parent-Child Office

Image of the parent-child office

Where to take your children when daycare is closed, the day-care mother is ill or the grandparents are not around?

Parent-child office in the Kollegiengebäude Mathematik at KIT

Image of parent-child officeEmployees of the Department of Mathematics have access to an office, where mum and dad are able to work and there is space and stuff to play, rest and learn for children of all ages.
In addition to a workstation with a PC, printer and phone for the parents, there are also a changing table, chairs and tables for children in different sizes, small beds, books, CDs and games available.Another image of parent-child office
With this, the Department of Mathematics is contributing significantly to the reconciliation of family and working life. Nursing mothers thus can return early to working.
If childcare plans happen to fall apart, small or school children can join their parents, because here they find many pastimes to entertain themselves.

The equipment was acquired with equal opportunity funds of the RTG 1294 and the CRC 1173. The office has been used multiple times already and is considered to be very useful. You can make a reservation via Nathalie Sonnefeld (Secretariat Prof. Wieners).