Social project "Bridge the Gap" ("Lernbrücken")

In the summer holidays of 2021 forty members of the CRC supported the social project "Bridge the Gap" ("Lernbrücken"). The state government wants to help quickly close learning gaps for pupils with the "Bridge the Gap" learning program. Due to Corona and its impact many pupils needed or wanted support to catch up on the learning material. Our volunteers went to five high schools in and around Karlsruhe from August 30th to September 11th. Fortunately, there they met pupils from class 5 to 10 who were mostly eager to learn Mathematics.

Our support was recognized and reported by the public media. In the following we have collected some material (which is available only in German).

Our doctoral researchers Jan Leibold and Stefan Schrammer summarized their experience in Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung.