Leapfrog-Chebyshev methods

This code is an implementation of the Leapfrog-Chebyshev method for semilinear second order differential wave equation, written in Python 3 by Constantin Carle and Andreas Sturm. For further information about the Leapfrog-Chebyshev method have a look at On leap-frog-Chebyshev schemes (CRC Preprint 2018/17) by Marlis Hochbruck and Andreas Sturm.


The code runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows if Python 3 is installed. Further details about the requirements can be found in the Readme file which also contains a short summary about the included files.


Download LFC.zip (~540kb)

We gratefully acknowledge financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) through CRC 1173.