CRC 1173

Workflow »Renewal of contracts«

General notes

  • Reliable and predictable career paths are an important concern of the CRC. Therefore extensions of contracts should be discussed with employees at an early stage.
  • According to the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (Wikipedia), contract duration must be adapted to the qualification goals; short contract durations are to be avoided.
  • Contract duration less than 12 months are only possible at the CRC, if a reliable / realistic future planning for the time after the end of the CRC contract is documented (an earlier contract termination is possible at any time by mutual agreement).
  • Should interim financing for new employees be needed to avoid a short contractual period, you may contact the board early which can - if available - use lump sum funds of the CRC.

Requirements for renewals

  • Updated annual report (not older than 6 months at the end of the contract).
  • Lecture in the iRTG or CRC seminar (not older than 12 months at the end of the contract).
  • Additionally for extensions for doctoral researchers: Brief statements of both supervisors concerning the status of the doctoral project including a prognosis and the expected date of thesis defense.
  • Additionally for extensions for postdoctoral researchers: PostDoc writes a career and research plan; PI/JRGL writes a short comment on the plan.
  • These requirements must be fulfilled at least three months before the expiry of the contract, because this is the time frame required by the KIT administration.


  • The application with the current contract end and the desired extension period will be sent by the PI/JRGL by e-mail to the spokespersons, Marlis Hochbruck and Wolfgang Reichel.
  • The above requirements are checked by the iRTG spokesperson (for doctoral researchers) or by the Executive Board.
  • The decision is made by the board and then communicated to the PIs/JRGLs and the employee.
  • The completed and signed form Qualifizierungsbefristung (deutsch / englisch) should be send to Sonja Becker by the PIs/JRGLs
  • If a salary (complementing the CRC funding) is paid from other sources, Sonja Becker also needs the corresponding account assignment.