CRC 1173

Workflow »Preprints, publications, and software«

General note

Important: For the second funding period we have to use the following official acknowledgement from the DFG. A paper without this acknowledgement wont be counted as a result of the CRC.

Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Project-ID 258734477 – SFB 1173


Send the

  • preprint as a PDF file,
  • a list of keywords if not included in the preprint, and
  • an assignment to a project if possible

to admin∂ (Christian Knieling).

Note: If your preprint is barely covering themes of the CRC the board will decide about the release as a preprint of the CRC.


Christian Knieling

  • creates a title page and a BibTeX-file with the preprint attached,
  • uploads the preprint onto the websites of the CRC,
  • lists the preprint on the CRC’s website,
  • registers
    • the preprint with the title page,
    • the BibTeX-file and the list of keywords
    as a preprint of KIT to the KIT library. This is mandatory since January 2019.

Note: With sending the preprint you permit the administation of the CRC to publish it within the CRC preprint series. It will be world-wide publically available. Other procedures are possible. Get in touch with admin∂ (Christian Knieling).


Send the

  • DOI and/or a BibTeX-file of the publication

to admin∂ (Christian Knieling) when you have recieved the publication notification.


Christian Knieling

  • updates websites resp. lists of publications and
  • notifies KIT library of the new publication.


Notice: We provide a helping hand to this software matter.

Send the

  • software (sources), driver files, needed data

to admin∂ (Christian Knieling).