CRC 1173

Workflow »Business trip«

General notes

  • The CRC tries to fund participation of all CRC members, postdocs, and doctoral researchers in conferences, workshops, and summer schools. For workshops and conferences you are eligible for funding if you provide an active contribution (scientific talk, poster or organization of a session) on a topic related to the CRC.
  • Postdocs on non-permanent positions may also be supported for the reason of career planning.
  • Doctoral researchers can be supported to attend summer schools related to their research and once to attend a conference or a workshop without any active contribution.
  • The following section describes the workflow for business trip approval concerning the members of the CRC at KIT. At Tübingen, Stuttgart, or Vienna, please ask for local regulations.


At latest two weeks before starting your trip, please send your request for travel support via e-mail to both speakers of the CRC (Hochbruck, Reichel) providing the following data:

  • Date of trip
  • Purpose of travel (conference, summer school, research visit, etc.)
  • Relevance of the trip to the CRC (e.g. project number)
  • Form of active contribution (talk, poster, etc.)
  • Overview of costs

The CRC can also co-finance a business trip if other funding is available. Please mention such resources in your mail to the speakers. One of the speakers will approve your request by e-mail (cc to Sonja Becker and admin∂

Note: Late requests risk non-approval.

Business trip form

  • Complete a business trip form (“Dienstreiseantrag”)
    • Please use the following form (as word document or pdf), in which the correct account number of the CRC is already given.
    • Daily allowances will not be payed from CRC funds. If they are granted by your workgroup, please enter the respective account number and let the person responsible for budget sign your request prior to handing in the business trip form to Sonja Becker.
    • After approval, conference fees, accommodation, travel expenses, etc. can be paid directly by the CRC upon request.
    • On business trips to european countries, including Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an A1 certiticate is required. Please download the form and send it to the personnel accounting.
  • Timely submission of the completed business trip form to Sonja Becker.
    • Sonja Becker will obtain the signature on the business trip form from Marlis Hochbruck or Wolfgang Reichel.
    • If all other required signatures are given, it is sufficient to hand in the form one week prior to travel.

Note: Business trips of professors during the lecture period might require additional approval from the dean or the head of division. Therefore, Sonja Becker will send back the completed business trip form to the respective secretariat/office.

After the Business Trip

  • Collect the signed form from Sonja Becker.
  • Complete the itinerary on the form.
  • Submit the completed business trip form with all original invoices/receipts to Sonja Becker.
  • Sonja Becker will send all documents to the travel cost unit at the KIT.
  • Please note that the reimbursement will take some time.
  • For further information please contact Sonja Becker.