Annual Meeting 2020

The fourth CRC's annual meeting was planned in March but had to be cancelled due to the Corona virus. We have rescheduled this event. It will take place at KIT on October 20th to 23rd as a hybrid event.


Here is the new schedule. The presentations of the doctoral researchers have been held during the summer term.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00     A5 (Schnaubelt) A2 (Lubich) A10 (Reichel/Schneider)
09:30 B9 (Frank) B8 (Feischl) A3 (Wieners)
10:00 A12 (Liao/Schneider) Coffee break (30') Coffee break (30') Coffee break (30')
10:30 B5 (Schörkhuber) C6 (Griesmaier) B3 (Koos/Reichel) C2-1/C2-2 (Rieder/Bohlen)
11:00 Coffee break (30') A6 (Reichel) A1 (Kunstmann) Break (10')
Member's Assembly /
Review of project webpages (80')
11:30 C5 (Arens) Break (10') Break (10')
Discussion II (50+') Good Scientific Practise (recording) (Hochbruck)
12:00 A11 (Hundertmark)
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Discussion I (60') C1 (Rieder) Discussion III (60')  
14:30 AP6 (Zillinger)
15:00 Coffee break (30') Coffee break (30') Coffee break (30')
15:30 B7 (Loewe) AP5 (Verfürth) C4 (Dörfler/Koos/Rockstuhl)
16:00 AP2 (Mandel) A7 (Jahnke)
B4 (Plum/Rockstuhl)
16:30 Break (10')  
A4 (Hochbruck)  
Version: October 6th, 2020