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Image of Xian Liao with her Certificate of AppointmentJProf. Dr. Xian Liao

Dr. Xian Liao has received today her certificate of appointment for her Junior Professorship. We cordially congratulate her.

Gips-Schüle-Stiftung Nachwuchspreis 2018Gips-Schüle-Nachwuchspreis 2018

We congratulate our CRC member Axel Loewe to the third place of his dissertation within the scope of the Gips-Schüle-Nachwuchspreis 2018.

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Unconscious Bias

Have you ever been biased towards someone? Let’s find out on June 28th, 2018, at 14:00.

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We might want you

We are seeking Postdoctoral Researchers. Look into your job advertisement.

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High Potential Program

First cohort of the CRC’s High Potential Program to foster our young researchers in their scientific career has started.

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Lecture by Mederski

On May 9th our visiting professor Dr. Jaroslaw Mederski will start with his lecture Nonlinear Maxwell equations – a variational approach

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Image of the corresponding poster to this eventSummer School 2018

In the week September 17–21, 2018 our Summer School »Full Waveform Inversion: Mathematics and Geophysics« will take place. Register today!

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Image of the corresponding poster to this eventConference 2018

In the week July 23–27, 2018 our Conference on Mathematics of Wave Phenomena will take place. Registration is closed.

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Image of Dr. Greiner and Prof. Dr. KoosERC Consolidator Grants

We congratulate our colleagues Dr. Christian Greiner and especially Prof. Dr. Christian Koos for being awarded ERC Consolidator Grants.

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IllustrationSimulation of Seismic Waves

We released this week PyFWI - an interactive software for the simulation of seismic waves.

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Joint Workshop 2017

Next week (November 16-17) our joint workshop with RTG 1838 »Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems« from the Univ. of Stuttgart/Tübingen will take place at KIT.

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Illustration of generating soliton frequency combs in silicon nitride microresonatorsPublication in Nature

Soliton frequency combs generated in optical microresonators allow to transmit data at rates of more than 50 terabits per second. 

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PDEs unplugged

Mathematics only with chalk and blackboard -- no technical gimmicks and gadgets. Keep the date June 13-14, 2017 in your mind.

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Open PhD position

We have an open PhD position in project B7. If you are interested have a look on our Jobs page.

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Registration for Women in PDEs

Registration for the workshop "Women in PDEs @ Karlsruhe" is now open.

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Women in PDEs @ Karlsruhe

On April 27-28, 2017 the workshop "Women in PDEs@Karlsruhe" will take place. Outstanding invited speakers from academia and industry will give talks. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with them.

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Mathematics for the heart

The DFG published a german article "Mathematik fürs Herz" about our CRC. To read it follow the link.

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CRC opening event

On Friday the 16th of September the official CRC opening event will happen.

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1st CRC summer school

In three weeks the CRC's first summer school will take place. We have more than 60 registered participants.

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Annual retreat

The first CRCs annual retreat will take place from April 4-8, 2016 in Bildungshaus St. Bernhard (Rastatt).

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Waves blog

Read more about our CRC on this blog.


The XXX EUPROMETA School will take place on April 11-15, 2016 at KIT and it is locally organized by Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics with members of this CRC.

Joint workshop of A5 & A6

Next friday there will be a joint workshop »Nonlinear Maxwell equations« of the projects A5 and A6. Look into its program.

Report in lookKIT

Report on our CRC in the current issue (2015/4) of the lookKIT magazine.

Summer school 2016

Save the date for the 1st CRC summer school, September 12-15, 2016 at KIT. The lecturers are Herbert Koch (Bonn, Germany) and Alexander Ostermann (Innsbruck, Austria).

Handover of the CRC prize 2015CRC prize 2015

Christine Grathwohl has been awarded the CRC prize 2015 for her outstanding Master thesis.

Wanted: Junior Research Group Leader

Please look into our Jobs section. Currently, we're searching for a Junior Research Group Leader in Mathematics.

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DG Workshop

Joint workshop on November 17th and 18th with the group of Prof. Dr. Kurt Busch from HU Berlin with the aim of applying new methods and results on the numerics of Maxwell equations into optics and photonics simulations in Berlin.

Cooking Math

Please visit the special event Cooking Math on November 5th within the 16th Karlsruhe Science Slam. This is our first joint project together with the HfG Karlsruhe.

Start of CRC seminar

Start of our CRC seminar with talks by Denis Bonheure and Ludwig Gauckler.

Butcher Prize

David Hipp (Project A2) wins the Butcher Prize at the International Conference on Scientific Computation And Differential Equations (SciCADE 2015) in Potsdam.

Award best student paper

Andreas Sturm (Project A4) wins best student paper prize at the 12th International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Waves (Waves 2015) in Karlsruhe. The paper is available here.

First CRC general assembly

On July 13th, 2015 the first CRC general assembly will take place in seminar room 1.067, building 20.30.

New website

We launched our new website to this CRC.

Great news

The DFG approved our funding proposal.

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